Step 1: Contact Orange Expats

You may have been struggling for a while, before you decided to find a coach.
Are you curious about what you might expect, and whether this is something for you?
Then now would be a good time to send me an email!
Tell me briefly what your situation is, and what you hope to achieve through coaching.
If I think that I can help you, we can plan a +/- 30 minute introductory session, free of charge.

Step 2: Plan your free introductory session

An introductory conversation is a low-threshold way to become familiar with me as coach and with the concept of coaching. We discuss which personal and/or professional goals you would like to achieve and if coaching is the best way to go about that.
To help me prepare for the meeting, it would be handy to have a copy of your CV, or to Link with you via LinkedIn. This is not obligatory, however. There are no obligations at the end of the session.

Step 3: Hurray! It’s time to start your coaching

Finally, you’re off and rolling! From this point onwards, life really does become more fun.
Together, we’re going to make it a great journey.
Before this session, you fill in a motivation form, in which you describe the goals that you want to have achieved by the end of the sessions.
This will be the focus of the coaching, and should you want to change your goals during the sessions, thanks to new insights, then of course we’ll adjust accordingly.

Step 4: Wrapping up

The coaching stops when you feel you know enough, are capable enough, have learned enough or have reached the goals you wanted to reach – or when I feel I have helped you all I can.

To see how clients experience the coaching, please have a look at the testimonials page.

Read testimonials from formal Orange Expats clients

In any case, I’m excited about the opportunity to help guide you in order to reach your goals!