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Since 2005 Orange Expats successfully helps highly skilled (inter)national Dutch-based employees to get or regain control, balance, success and happiness in both career and personal life. This achieved success and happiness not only positively affects your life, your career and your health. It also improves the well-being of people around you.

✓ Dutch native Senior Career Coach
✓ Over 17yrs of experience
✓ Provided support to hundreds of clients from 80+ countries
✓ Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Happy clients said

Considering a career change?

Every now and then, we tend to reconsider our situation, particularly our work situation.

New career opportunities Orange Expats

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Planning your next career move, post-crisis.

The market is improving – are you looking for a new challenge?
“Know what you want, and be focused and creative.”

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