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I have worked with Stella on a career coaching trajectory. She combines professionalism with approachability. Stella encourages reflexion, offers a wealth of helpful tools for identifying and reviewing impediments and working towards a solution and next steps.
She is a warm, pleasant person, a good listener and demonstrates real empathy.
Stellas unique asset is that she is helping to build bridges between an international outlook and the Dutch work market.

A. Winkler

Professional, reflective, wealth of helpful tools, good listener

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My work with Stella earlier this year was a great first step to start my journey into finding a new career challenge and moving to Amsterdam.
Her guidance and expertise helped me to have a clear direction and to feel very optimistic about getting a new job.
Our work together was without a doubt a highlight towards finding and landing a new career challenge in Amsterdam, which I did! Thanks Stella for guiding me in this process!

M. Rivera

Clear direction, found a new career challenge in Amsterdam

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After 1,5 year of being owners of our company we experienced some downsides, like being responsible for everything and the feeling to chase anytime and anyplace for new commissions. We asked Stella to help us reflect en make plans. Stella has successfully coached our team in trusting on our own skills in developing our company and taught us ways to increase our professional network. She did that with respect for our way of doing. She structured our goals and made us make plans how to achieve them together. With small steps we found back the balance between having fun in running a company and deal with challenges that comes along in working life and working together.

R. van Bemmel

Teamcoaching, found back our balance, enjoy running a company again

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Stella helped me to focus on my goals and, more importantly for me as an expat and mother whom had been out of the job market for a few years, she really helped me re-build my confidence. Stella is a great listener and worked with a variety of materials which allowed me to come up with some concrete plans to begin my job search. She is also very practical and came up with some suggestions I could never have thought of on my own. She gets results too; after only a few months working together, I had the confidence to begin my job search in earnest and now have a fantastic job in the bi-lingual education sector! I wholeheartedly recommend Stella!

V. Housen

Re-build my confidence, great listener, concrete plans, found a fantastic job

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