Orange Expats coaching

“When I approached Stella it was for me the first time to seek career coach advice and I did not really know what to expect. I must admit I was also a bit pessimistic – had this idea in my mind that career coaching would be all some bla bla that you can reason yourself. Well on one side – it is true – you do find the reasons and path yourself but it is the “push” you need to get into the right direction, which does the trick. Stella is at first a great, very welcoming and easy to deal with person. It is just very easy to open up with her and share. She has excellent sense of humor and creates a relaxed atmosphere. She uses good methods to make you think and create a direction in your feelings and thoughts and by means of actually easy exercises and general open questions she manages creating the basis for the process. I was very happy to have used Stella’s help and even though for myself it turned that I am actually quite happy with where I am, she definitely helped me overcome my doubts. I recommend her to anyone who is on a crossroad of his/her career or faces this “identity crisis” we sometimes go through at a certain age.”

B. Kirchev

No bla bla, relaxed atmosphere, good methods

Orange Expats coaching

Stella has been a great source of support in my move from London to Amsterdam, both as career and expat coach.

Stella is very good at making you stop, think and review your strengths together with your career goals with the ultimate objective to align these. She then offers practical advice and continued support to achieve these goals.

I would highly recommend Stella to anyone looking for help in managing their career, a new job and dealing with cultural changes especially if you are new to the Netherlands or Dutch job market.

She is a great sounding board, full of good ideas and importantly very easy to get on with.

Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

B. Hetem

Great support to enter the Dutch job market

Orange Expats coaching

“Stella was a breath of fresh air for somebody (me) who tends to be very sceptical about the benefits of coaching. She made an enormous difference to me professionally and personally and I cannot praise her highly enough. She’s warm and enthusiastic and achieves great results in a surprisingly short time. If you’re at a career crossroads – contact her immediately. You won’t regret it.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
C. Walsh

Warm, enthusiastic, great results

Orange Expats coaching

“I cannot praise Stella enough for her advice, influence and support during my job application. My CV was transformed – clearer, more focussed and more obviously relevant to the job in question – and she guided me in writing an equally apt cover letter. I was invited for interview for the first time, after a long and frustrating period of unfruitful applications. Stella’s coaching (entirely tailored to me and my application) then enabled me to enter the interview better prepared and better supported than ever before, to perform my very best and to be one of the few candidates invited back for a second interview. While I was not selected for that particular job, Stella’s tuition has been of lasting, valuable assistance to me ever since, and it is thanks to her I have secured a coveted position in a company where my applications had previously been unsuccessful.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity
A. Ritchie

More focussed, finally invited for interview, lasting and valuable assistence

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