Orange Expats coaching

“My problem, as a working mom of two kids, was to get my priorities straight. As a perfectionist and ‘love it all’-type I had to make choices without losing my own self. With a well though-out plan Stella goes to work. It isn’t about talking, it’s about creating your own insights and face your own difficulties. Sometimes I had to come out of my comfort zone, what I wouldn’t had done by myself. All of the time it was inspiring. I was faced with the fact you can learn by doing, and at the end: you have to do it yourself. And Stella gives you a push in the right direction. Each session I left full of positive energy. It is great working with Stella!”

A. de Raaf

Inspiring, positive, step out of my comfort zone

Orange Expats coaching

“I got to know Stella as a very good listener who asks the right questions. Stella is result-driven and a true optimist: a hands-on coach who combines professionalism with warmth, humour and enthusiasm. For expats in Amsterdam looking for that extra push in their career: call Stella!”

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
C. van Thessen

Very good listener, result-driven

Orange Expats coaching

“A few years ago, I was coached by Stella; I wasn’t sure if I should go on freelancing or get a steady job again. Stella helped me by asking the right questions and doing some good listening. She looks at situations in a positive way, without losing sight of reality. She is a perfectionist, is patient and takes her time to solve things. But almost most important of all: she has a great sense of humor. Because of this you will always leave a coaching session with a bright smile.”

Top qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative
R. Lankester

Asking the right questions, good listener, patient, great sense of humour

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