Stella Pennekamp Orange Expats

Stella Pennekamp MA | Senior Expat Career Coach and Counsellor

Founder of Orange Expats, an Amsterdam based international career coaching and counselling practice for Expats living or working in The Netherlands.

Stella is a Senior Expat Career Coach and Counsellor with over 15yrs’ of experience helping highly-skilled professionals from over 80 + countries master their challenges and accelerate their international career.

Stella holds a Master in Cultural Policy and Management and embraces lifelong learning. She uses an client-based, integral, holistic approach to help you reach your full potential.

Stella is a Dutch native who speaks fluent English and by happily being married to an Expat herself, she fully understands the challenges Expats facing living and working abroad. She loves helping you feel at home and cope with cultural differences you might face in The Netherlands.

She also voluntary offers coaching trajectories to African Female Future Leaders pursuing optimal use of renewable energy in Africa.


Stella holds a Master's degree in Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

She also holds Post Graduate qualifications in:


To help professionals master their challenges and accelerate their international career.

Integrative approach to career coaching and counselling

"To me, there is no single approach that can help each client in all situations. With my client-based, integrative approach to career coaching and counselling, I’ll bring together different elements of theories, methodologies and interventions to help you master your challenges. Through blending of these relevant elements, an approach is formed to effectively suit your needs. Combined with highly effective job marketing and career-related insights, it results in a tailored approach for successfully achieving your goals."


Her clients are Netherlands-based highly skilled employees: expatriates, (short- & long stay) migrants, their accompanying partners, Dutch natives and (inter)national companies employing them. Stella’s recent clients include IUCN, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the Dutch Whiplash Foundation (WSN), law firms and companies working in the creative, cultural, fmgc and retail sectors. Her clients work in marketing, finance, e-commerce, sales, I(C)T, HR, legal, consultancy, journalism, as a teacher, among others.

Membership & Think-tank

She associates with the "Landelijk Centrum Stressmanagement" - the National Centre Stressmanagement - an occupational health company, providing activities to activate selfregulation, selfregulation by heartcoherence, selfregulation of emotions and selfmanagement of stress. 

Stella is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO).

As Burnout Expert Stella is part of the think-tank for Maaike Hartjes' "Burnout Diary" Animation. ‘Burnout Diary’ is a half hour-special and social media project about accepting imperfection. The project is currently being adapted from the graphic novel ‘Burnout Dagboek’ by Dutch comic artist Maaike Hartjes and won the 2020 Trickstar Business Award.


Orange Expats is member of EMCC
European Mentoring & Coaching Council EMCC
Orange Expats is member of NOBCO
Dutch Association of Professional Coaches NOBCO