Expat Life Coaching

The purpose of Expat Life Coaching is to add a new depth of clarity to a challenging situation. Change is good, exploration is good and risk taking is good; it's how you handle these things that makes the difference between a long and happy life abroad, and months of regret followed by a flight back home.

Some challenges you might face when moving to the Netherlands include:

  • Overcome disappointment when you moved abroad and realise it’s not the picture-perfect lifestyle you imagined.
  • Dealing with the culture shock. Depending on where you go in the world, you could find yourself feeling out of your depth very quickly. Different languages, religions, customs and social etiquette can be very bewildering.
  • Dealing with feelings of isolation and homesickness. Being far away from family, friends and everything you know can be very upsetting. Homesickness usually sets in once the paperwork and unpacking has been done, and the novelty of being somewhere different has worn off.
  • Upset friends and family. Your friends and family back home might not always be supportive of your decision to leave. These people care about you, and it can be difficult to digest the news that someone you care for is willingly leaving you permanently.
  • Overcome loss of self-identity. It's difficult to see this normally, but a great part of who we are lies in the things we do in day-to-day life. Routines, like going to work, going to the gym, visiting friends, enjoying our hobbies ... these are the things that make up our lives. Without them, it's not unusual to feel a little lost.

Expat Life Coaching can help you develop the skills to deal with emotional conflicts in the best way possible.

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