The following agreements will be maintained throughout the course of a coaching process

1. The nature of the coaching practice constitutes an obligation regarding effort on the part of the coach; there is no obligation regarding result. Coaching sessions are weekly, biweekly or once every three weeks, tailored to the clients need.
2. If necessary, a session must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. A new appointment will be made with the aim of maintaining the session interval. For cancellations within 48 hours, the session will still be invoiced.
3. The coach reserves the right to move an appointment if such becomes necessary in the context of its own operations, training, illness or urgent personal circumstances. A new appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible, while attempting to maintain the agreed session interval.
4. The coaching client is expected to be willing to discuss the matters at hand, to reflect upon these issues, to explore their own boundaries and to complete the given further assignments.
5. The coach does not recommend particular decisions relating to or changes in one’s life. The coach exclusively supports the client’s own process and own choices, whereby a range of options is discussed in order to support the process of expanding insight and the process of selection of the client.
6. The client is and remains at all times responsible for his/her own choices and the resulting consequences in his/her life and circumstances. The coach is in no way whatsoever responsible, let alone liable, for possible consequences for the client and/or third parties arising from any decisions that the client takes regarding his/her life and/or attitude.
7. Should the coach, during the coaching sessions, observe or suspect that certain issues or disorders are involved that fall outside the scope of the coach’s expertise, the coach will bring this to the awareness of the client and indicate that further consultation elsewhere is desirable.
8. Any material liability is limited to the applicable limit of business insurance.
9. For reimbursement by the employer or an authority, the regular rate applies; the full terms and conditions for service for companies thereby also apply. This also applies if the employer or the agency becomes the client. The client is therefore invoiced directly. Any report to the client is made observing strict professional confidentiality towards the client. Reports will only be made on progress and achievements, and not on strictly personal matters.
10. The invoice must be paid within 7 days of receipt.
11. Failure to comply with payment obligations will lead to legal action being taken. The statutory interest and collection costs shall be borne by the client. There will also be a handling fee for not paying or late payment of the invoice.
12. Price changes can be made during a series of coaching sessions.
13. All exercises and other materials presented in support of the coaching process remain at all times the intellectual and copyrighted property of the coach. Other use of the material, without authorization, and only for personal use by the client of the relevant coaching process, will subsequently be invoiced separately as sales of training material.
14. The coach is affiliated with the NOBCO and maintains the relevant code of ethics and complaints procedure.