Am I burn out?

1.I feel tired even though I have had adequate sleep.
2.I am dissatisfied with my work.
3.I feel sad for no apparent reason.
4.I am forgetful.
5.I am irritable and snap at people.
6.I avoid people at work and in my private life.
7.I have trouble sleeping, because I worry about work.
8.I get ill more often than I used to.
9.My attitude towards my job is ‘why bother?’ I feel indifferent about the work.
10.I get into conflicts more often than I used to.
11.My performance at work is suffering as a consequence.
12.I use more alcohol, drugs or sedatives, in order to feel better.
13.Communicating with other people is a source of strain.
14.I can’t concentrate on my work as well as I used to.
15.I am bored with my work.
16.I work hard but accomplish little.
17.I feel frustrated in my job.
18.I dread going to work.
19.Social activities are exhausting.
20.Having sex demands too much energy.
21.Most of the time when I’m not working I watch TV.
22.I don’t have much to look forward to in my work.
23.I worry about work in my time off.
24.My feelings about work interfere with my personal life.
25.My work seems pointless.