Burnout Assessment Tool | work-related version

Work-related version of the Burnout Assessment Tool

The Burnout Assessment Tool is a measure to assess burnout complaints. It is a valuable tool to estimate your level of burnout symptoms.

It should not be used for diagnosing burnout. This requires a more extensive assessment.

Filling out the test takes about 5 minutes.



The following statements are related to your work situation and how you experience this situation.

Please state how often each statement applies to you.


Your scores

After filling out the test you’ll see the results of your symptoms in four categories:

  • Low: means that the observed score corresponds to the 25% lowest scoring employees
  • Average: corresponds to the 50% average scoring employees
  • High: corresponds to the 25% highest scoring employees
  • Very high: corresponds with the top 5% scoring employees

Although scores might be high or very high, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re suffering from burnout.



1.At work, I feel mentally exhausted

1 out of 33