Orange Expats coaching

No bla bla, relaxed atmosphere, good methods

“When I approached Stella it was for me the first time to seek career coach advice and I did not really know what to expect. I must admit I was also a bit pessimistic – had this idea in my mind that career coaching would be all some bla bla that you can reason yourself. Well on one side – it is true – you do find the reasons and path yourself but it is the “push” you need to get into the right direction, which does the trick. Stella is at first a great, very welcoming and easy to deal with person. It is just very easy to open up with her and share. She has excellent sense of humor and creates a relaxed atmosphere. She uses good methods to make you think and create a direction in your feelings and thoughts and by means of actually easy exercises and general open questions she manages creating the basis for the process. I was very happy to have used Stella’s help and even though for myself it turned that I am actually quite happy with where I am, she definitely helped me overcome my doubts. I recommend her to anyone who is on a crossroad of his/her career or faces this “identity crisis” we sometimes go through at a certain age.”

B. Kirchev