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I had a single efficient session with Stella. Within the first 10 minutes, she pointed out what might be the root of the problem and helped me to understand the problem with models. The models that she used to explain the problem was simple but to the point. She guided me to figure out the next step toward solving the problem, rather than telling me what I must do. If you need a career coach, I highly recommend Stella.

D. Lakayan

Efficient, to the point, problem solving

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I had several productive coaching sessions with Stella. These sessions helped me a lot to structure my job search with focus on a professional development. Moreover, Stella’s advises were supported by the real-life practicalities that assist me in finding my first job in the Netherlands. I would definitely recommend Stella as a coach!

N. Petrov

Productive, structured, focused

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I contacted Stella to help me with the challenge of changing careers abroad and it was the best decision I could have made. When I met Stella for the first time, I was impressed by her genuine keenness to help. She served as a fantastic sparring partner and posed the tough, thought-provoking questions that encourage you break with your habitual ways of thinking. Her methods and material are helpful, as is her network! I would highly recommend Stella!

T. Brown

Genuine keenness to help, fantastic sparring partner, thought-provoking questions

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I have worked with Stella on a career coaching trajectory. She combines professionalism with approachability. Stella encourages reflexion, offers a wealth of helpful tools for identifying and reviewing impediments and working towards a solution and next steps.
She is a warm, pleasant person, a good listener and demonstrates real empathy.
Stellas unique asset is that she is helping to build bridges between an international outlook and the Dutch work market.

A. Winkler

Professional, reflective, wealth of helpful tools, good listener

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