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“Stella is an amazing coach. She guides and directs with such efficiency and grace to find solutions to concerns or areas of improvement. Great in building personal Brand & character as well. The coaching sessions were very insightful and helpful.”

Amazing coach, efficient, very insightful

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“Stella is a star!! She took time to understand my concerns and walk me through finding a solution.”
“Great experience…..she is really a good coach who opens up the space, such that you really pour out your insecurities which somehow contribute to how you network.”

Great experience, opens up the space, really pour out insecurities

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“It was a very good experience. Stella is an easy person to talk to and she gave me advises on how to approach people and improve my CV and LinkedIn profile.”

Easy person to talk to, very good experience

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I had several productive coaching sessions with Stella. These sessions helped me a lot to structure my job search with focus on a professional development. Moreover, Stella’s advises were supported by the real-life practicalities that assist me in finding my first job in the Netherlands. I would definitely recommend Stella as a coach!

N. Petrov

Productive, structured, focused

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